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April, 2017 - Summary Templates

Summary templates are another option for displaying your product data. This example is a common usage of a Summary template - the product photos are shown in a grid and the product data is grouped into a Feature block.

Start with a Grid Template and define a Feature block combining any number of columns and rows. The Feature Block will be automatically divided into as many sections as there are products on the page.

For more information, view this Tutorial.


March, 2017 - QR Codes

QR Codes can now be added to any Product Layout. Use these to create links back to specific product pages on your website. QR Codes can be read by smart phones and tablets.

Many formatting options are available. You can have your code in any color, any background color, and even with rounded corners on the optional border.

For more information, view this Tutorial.


February, 2017 - Links

We have added the ability to add links to the product photos in your PDF file.

If your customer clicks on a photo, the link can be used to open a webpage on your site or any other site.
For more information, view this Tutorial.



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