Technical Support

Primary technical support for CleverCat is through the Ticket system on your application Dashboard but you can also send us an e-mail or give us a call.
Office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm (Pacific Time), Monday to Friday.

For clarity, you may want to include a screenshot which better describes your question. Use the Snipping Tool (included in Windows versions 7 or higher) or press the Alt and Print Screen keys (Alt+PrtScn) at the same time. This will save a copy of the current window to memory. Open your e-mail program and press the Control and V keys (Ctrl+V) to paste this image into the body of your message. This will help us provide an answer in the shortest possible time. We'll normally respond within the hour or by the following morning at the latest.


Remote Desktop Support

We can connect directly to your PC and share control of your mouse and keyboard for training or product tours.
Email Us or call (778) 753-5300 for an invitation code.
With your code, Click Here to start the remote-desktop connection. You will be prompted to download and install a small software and then follow the instructions on the screen.


Frequently Asked Questions

A more complete FAQ can be found on the application Dashboard.

Licensing and Upgrades

Does the evalution version have any limitations?

The evaluation will allow you to create templates, but you will only be able to upload a maximum of 50 image files and print a maximum of 50 products.

I purchased a license for the older, PC-based version of CleverCat. Can I upgrade to the online version?

Yes. The applications are designed to be similar, but the data structure is completely different, so there is no direct method of migrating your data and templates. However, if you send us your data file, we'll do that step for you. Plus, we'll also give you the first year's subscription for free.

If I purchase a 1-year subscription, can I upgrade to a 5-year license?

Yes, but there will be a small surcharge of $60. The 1-year subscription is $119. The 5-year license is $359, so you end up paying a total of $419 by upgrading.
Most users go for the 5-year license right away as they will probably use the application for more than just one year.



Tech Support
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