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Adding an Image

Images can be uploaded and selected from the Data Editor page.

First, you should select the row on the datasheet that you want to assign images for. The upper part of the page will show a preview of the currently assigned image, if there is one. Clicking on this preview will bring up a full-sized view of the image.

To the right of the preview is a bar labelled Image Upload. Clicking on this will expand a window where you are able to upload images. Select Add Files and then your image to upload to CleverCat. If the selected row has no image, the newly uploaded image will automatically be assigned to that row. If one already exists, you will be given the option to replace the current image.

The Clear All option does not delete images; it just clears the list of recently uploaded images.

To change the image assigned to a row, you can double click on its entry in the Photo column. This will bring up the Photo Selection window, which contains all images uploaded to the current category. You are also able to upload photos from this window.

To assign an image, either double-click it, or select it and then click Select at the bottom of the window. You are also given the Clear option, which will de-assign the row’s current image.

Images are saved in a folder specific to each category. This can be set on the Category Editor page under the Photo Sub-Folder option. If no sub-folder is set, images will be saved in the main folder.


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